Testimonials of Oral Surgery Services by Dr. High in Wheeling, West Virginia

Jarrod K. writes:

Dr. High performed a biopsy on my son’s lower left mandible. My son was eight years old at the time. After reviewing the biopsy report, he discovered that my son had giant cell granuloma. A giant cell granuloma is a benign tumor; however, it is a bone destroying tumor with a very high rate of recurrence and needed to be removed as soon as possible.

Dr. High and his impressive staff were efficient and prompt in scheduling my son for surgery at Wheeling Hospital. Dr. High was extremely kind and sensitive to my son’s concerns and questions about his treatment. Dr. High performed surgery on my son and removed the tumor, making sure that there would be no chance of reoccurrence.

Dr. High not only successfully removed the entire tumor, but he was also able to save three permanent teeth that could have potentially been lost in the surgical process. Dr. High is professional, articulate, compassionate, and a very skilled surgeon. My family and I would recommend him to anyone needing his type of services.

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